We post occasional How-To videos to provide more in-depth information about ICS-Defender capabilities and features. Please visit this page regularly to see what's new.

Simple NAT License & Wizard

Duration: 8:21 min.

This video will show how to license the Simple NAT & Wizard options.

Presented by our CTO Jeff Smith.

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NAT for Control Engineers

Duration: 9:27 min.

Learn about NAT (Network Address Translation) from an Industrial Automation Perspective with John Rinaldi of Real Time Automation.

1 to 1 NAT

Duration: 10:16 min.

This video will show how to setup a NAT configuration to NAT through the ICS-Defender to allow devices on the Enterprise or WAN side of ICS-Defender to reach a PLC on the Controls Network, or LAN side of the ICS-Defender.

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